Monday, January 2, 2012

Fasting for Fat Loss: The Truths Be Told

Fasting has gained popularity ever since humans began to adore and fantasize the slim and thin fad. Fasting for fat loss promises fast results which is especially perfect for special occasions like attending a wedding, debut, prom and the like. You resist the temptation of food to get that perfect look. But fasting should not be used for a long term basis because of the health hazards it brings.

Advantages of Fasting

Fasting is defined as being in the condition of eating sparingly or abstaining from some food. The reason could either be for religious practice or for the purpose of losing weight. Whatever the reason may be, it is sure to produce physical changes. Many models and actors and actresses do fasting whenever a perfect body is called for. For example in a runway event, most models do not eat nor drink any heavy drink days before the event. As a result they project a very flat tummy, and a very fabulous look that best compliment the designer clothes. For us ordinary individuals, we also use fasting for fat loss to best achieve the goal of looking like a model in the events we attend.

The physical and cellular changes in the body when fasting will be described here. Normally, what we eat supplies the energy needed of our body to sustain our everyday activities. The primary source of energy comes from carbohydrates which come from food like bread, rice, potatoes, starches, cereals and the like. When these are used up or no more glucose is available (as what happens in fasting), it is only then that the body will resort to fats for energy. For fats to be converted to energy it requires more calories for it to happen. This is where the advantage of fasting happens. Not only does the body use fats as energy, it also burns calories more. No wonder, it takes so little time for physical changes to be obviously seen.


For sure, fasting shows remarkable changes but this should only be used for a short period of time and not to be used often. The very reason is the health condition of your body. When in fasting you deprive your body of its needed nutrients. Many vitamins and minerals should be replenished in our body every day. Our body can only store a small amount of nutrients and should be constantly replaced through the nutrients found in the food we eat. These nutrients are essential for the maintenance and functioning of our body. Just imagine a car that needs to be changed oil in order to prevent rusting of the machine and to promote optimal functioning. Same with our body, our cells need to be adequately nourished in order to help our body not just for living purposes but also for their own protection. Many opportunistic organisms are inside our body. Once compromised cells could not sustain the danger it faces, it results to diseases which could be nonfatal or fatal. Therefore, it is essential that you are careful when you something drastic as fasting with your body.

Now that you know of the pros and cons of fasting as fat loss regimen, you should be able to discriminate when is the best and ideal time to do fasting. Be very responsible with your decision.

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