Monday, January 2, 2012

Fat Loss for Men: Helpful Tips

There are many workouts that result to fat loss for men. However, the two main methods in this category are anaerobic exercises and aerobic exercises. Aerobic means use of oxygen to fuel your energy needs while anaerobic means without the use of oxygen. Anaerobic exercises are those strength training exercises that are commonly seen in weight lifting and muscle building routines. The paragraphs below further describe the two.

Aerobic Exercises:

The aerobic exercises are those that increase your cardiovascular resistance. In lay man terms it increases your heart rate while allowing your heart and pumping system of your circulation to work efficiently in conditions that require much muscle movement and energy expenditure. You can find aerobic exercises in sports like badminton, lawn and table tennis, soccer, softball, running, biking, swimming. Other aerobic exercises include dancing, kickboxing, boxing, tae bo, Zumba, and others. This kind of workouts is intended to improve your resistance and it certainly works great. It enables you to sweat and eventually helps you in achieving fat loss for men.

Anaerobic Exercises:

Anaerobic exercises on the other hand, are those that will build your muscles to a bigger, leaner mass and even stronger. As mentioned, weight lifting is one good example. The muscles grow bigger as one lifts weights. The weight of every dumbbell should be gradually increased so as to prevent tearing and damaging the muscles and tendons of your body. It takes a while to build your muscles so you have to be disciplined and patient in doing so.


Now that you know about the best workout for men, you should know that the only way to lose fat is to couple exercise with proper diet. In recent studies, it is said that exercise alone cannot suffice for any goals of weight loss. Exercise and diet should be an inseparable duo in order to be effective in losing those extra fats and mass. Rose et al (2000) confirm established recommendations of regular, moderate intensity physical activity for 30 to 60 minutes on most days of the week. To promote fat loss while maintaining fat free mass, a restricted caloric intake is recommended. Ideally, 500 to 1000 calories should be slashed out from your ideal daily caloric intake. This way you are able to lose 1 to 2 pounds per week. (By the way, this is the recommended weight loss per week in a medical and healthcare point of view).

With this, I can guarantee you that there will be significant fat loss for men if you follow the tips mentioned above. To re-emphasize the point of this article, aerobic and anaerobic exercises should be combined with a healthy diet in order to achieve weight loss and maintain a fat free mass in your body. Sounds simple? I guess not. It should be that men have to have the discipline and determination to carry on with these tasks. In addition, a healthy positive outlook should be within you in order for you to be motivated and create a healthy lifestyle model.