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9 Eat foods low in calories to lose weight

As soon as you start to starve yourself your body goes into protection. In fact, if you lose a lot of fat per week (2 pounds or more), you end up losing muscle mass. How can now the muscles to burn fat. Do not try the new calorie diet online hurt the metabolic rate. If you’ve ever wanted to know how to prepare foods low in calories, the following article provides a sample of a few meals. But before we begin, we examine some of the best options if chosen ingredients.

1. Prepackaged frozen meals - Weight Watchers have Smart Ones, Lean Cuisine is, Healthy Choice, and now South Beach Diet. I buy whatever looks good and/or is on sale, not because I am following a particular diet. These foods are healthy and the variety offers.

2. Most guys add milk to their oatmeal, but with water or skim milk instead perhaps even healthier. Oatmeal is easy to digest and to start as any other breakfast. It is also a great pre-workout meal, because it is light on the stomach and contains many carbohydrates.

3. Tacos Baja Fresh is a decent choice. The chicken taco and shrimp have only 200 calories and 210, respectively. Beef tacos have a higher percentage of fat, but at 230 calories (70 from fat), you could do much worse. Say no to chips for free (there were 210 calories).

4. When it comes to drinking water is the only thing you need. Water contains no calories at all. A few cups of coffee per day are also allowed, but do not add sugar. Tip: The next time you go to the supermarket to be sure to read to read food labels carefully. This is one of the best natural weight losses.

5. Canned soups - read labels. Companies typically display more than one serving per cans, the number of calories and sodium is more than what you see at first glance. Healthy soups are more expensive, but the boxes are bigger, and they are stout. Soup is usually fine as long as you keep track of calories, fat calories and sodium.

6. If you find time to prepare breakfast as difficult as choosing the right ingredients for a meal with low calorie, shakes and breakfast is the answer. Only a blender, 1 cup 2 percent milk, a small banana and a little juice flavor. There is no substitute for milk in milkshakes (hence the name), but the breakfasts are still healthier than pancakes with syrup and butter.

7. Grilled chicken salad and shrimp is low in calories, but a lot of sodium (1210mg, and 1110mg). The pork carnitas won't bust your gut either at 370 calories, though the sodium count is even higher. Just choose fat-free sauce, salsa verde, salsa and ranch dressing salad olive oil high in calories and fat.

8. Reduced calorie crackers and chips - These are good snacks that meet a need crunchy foods. By keeping this desire under control, you reduce the risk of later reconciliation. Yes, you need to have cookies and chips, if you count the calories. Pringles My favorites are reduced calorie cheese NVP, lean and fat of wheat.

9. Salads - You can get a salad for less than 350 calories. Order chicken, vegetable fajitas, tomato and lettuce. Two ounces of the sauce adds 282 calories per meal. (By comparison, the chicken has only 219 calories.) To prevent the tortilla, to avoid the sour cream, guacamole and cheese.

7 Quick Tips to lose butt fat

Are you designed to look good from behind? Is there too much padding in your jeans? Is this your ascendant too much space on your couch? You need to calm efficient exercise your fat butt. Buttocks in an easy target if you want to lose some fat from your butt ugly if you do not have to worry as much that’ll give you 7 tips on how to lose Big ass faster than you really work ! Big Butt quickly lose you actually work!

1. You can also make exercise more effective. Purchase and aerobic phase, or to use the procedure at home! Take the stairs more often, too, and tone the buttocks area. There are many aerobic workout using aerobic phase, and this action actually targeting the buttocks. Climbing steps or using the aerobic phase is also very good cardiovascular activity. Stepping slowly to improve training and make it more specific strength training exercise.

2. Each booth will be at their feet with toes pointing out and hands clasped in front of the pelvis. The person will then bend your knees in front from the hips. Some people make the mistake of bending the back, so it is best to do this exercise in front of the mirror to make sure it is straight. Butt should be loosened and the legs back to a straight position.

3. I know this may get to number 11, but thought it needed its own number, simply because it is one of the principal means to eliminate this fat ass. This involves squatting up and down fast.. When you are down, make sure you slide your fingers on the ground. You need to make about eight representatives in five minutes. If you do this exercise every day, you will lose that fat butt in a few weeks.

4. Do diet but a healthy diet. A vegan diet with few processed foods hold reserves of fat in check and maintain overall health. This is one of the best natural weight loss.

5. One simple exercise that you can do anytime from home is step lunges. Stand with your feet hips' width apart Take a big step forward with left leg, bend left knee as you lower your right knee toward the floor. Push your left foot and return to the starting position. Repeat right foot. You can do while watching TV or listening to music.

6. Besides doing exercises, following a strict diet is also known to lose the fat ass. The best is one that is high on fresh raw fruits and raw vegetables green with concentrated amounts of carbohydrates and fats. Some proteins can also be combined to make this happen.

7. Doing exercises on top of my mind. You can try something out there to get rid of fat butt, but you do not do it unless you make a proper amount of exercise for this particular region. There is a lot - to lift your legs backward to place your legs on a chair (it’s behind you) and squats with the other leg - as many and as low as possible). I know the latter helped me to tone my butt and get rid of the butt fat real fast. But we'll talk more on squats.leg on

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How to lose 100 pounds safely and easily

Who has lost a lot of weight; I would say that it can be done easily. However, it is good news. It is a bit of light at the end of a long tunnel. The truth is that you can lose 100 pounds or more. It is not easy, but can be done safely and in a way that keeps the weight off of life. You decide to make major lifestyle changes but that does not mean that it should happen all at once. You can do it!

1. Think small.

It is often tempting to look where you are today and dream, where you want to be. It is easy to get so caught up in how much you lose, you do not get anywhere. After all, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the great weight loss goals. So rather than thinking about how much to lose, start small. You need to lose a single pound. That’s all it takes to start! Only 1 pound! Start with small achievable goals. Some may be in how much weight you want to lose weight, but most of them should be based on changes in lifestyle. Make your small goals. Today I will eat more fruits; today I will eat more vegetables, and so on. You can do one small step at a time.

2. Think about your habits and make changes one step at a time.

Truth is that this did not happen overnight. It takes years of bad habits, poor nutrition (as in the food you eat, and not a diet plan), and often a lack of activity. These can lead to many changes. But if you try to do everything at once, you are likely to fail. You will be overwhelmed and it will be easy to fall back into old habits. So, take it one step at a time. Eat less at each meal. Eat foods that are best for you. Include more vegetables and fruits. Get up and start moving. Do each of these are changed at once. It is 30-60 days to a habit, whether good or bad and it takes as much time to break an old man. Then begin to break your habits and replacing them one by one.

3. Be healthy.

Another common problem is that it is easy to focus on weight loss and difficult to focus on getting healthy. You may want to lose weight more than they want to regain health, but when you focus on your health that are more likely to make better decisions. Do not quick weight loss options, but to make decisions that will make a person healthier.

4. Relax.
Studies have shown time and time again that the rapid weight loss is the type that is easy to get back. Many people who lose lots of weight in a short period of time to do everything below, and many of them receiving more weight back! On the other hand, losing 1-2 pounds per week is more likely to lose weight and are likely to keep it off. Do not worry about losing quickly, but take it nice and slow. It is also good to avoid being subject to the scale too often, because there are many things that cause small changes in your weight and do not want to discourage these small changes (when they go on).

5. Be active.

Food is important, but it is only half the equation for weight loss. The other half is your level of activity. Often people jump on moving. Sometimes they feel too busy to add exercise and other active forms of activities. Sometimes stress. As our society gives equal attention to good nutrition and the miracle pill that people have more of an easy way to lose weight. The truth is that you must work for it, especially if you want to keep away. Start slowly and work to become a person more active. Consider, swimming pool, group activities and you will find fun, or you can do with your family and traditional forms of exercise.

You can lose 50 pounds, 75 pounds to 100 pounds or more, but will take hard work. Work on developing a healthy lifestyle by eliminating bad habits and make good habits one step at a time. Eat better, move and that will happen!

How to break the habit of eating too

We all eat too from time to time, in most cases, no problem. Who cares if you go a little overboard when it’s Christmas and you want to leave your hair? You can put on a few pounds, but more often you cut back on junk food and do some more exercise so that you are your normal size. But it is when you seem unable to stop overeating; you might have trouble controlling your weight. If overeating becomes a habit, it is almost inevitable that you consume more calories than you burn, then put on weight.

You must break this habit of eating. It is not difficult if you have recently been caught in a trap of eating too much because you still have some memories of this kind of regime should eat and how much food is appropriate for you. You are very aware of how little exercise you do and how you can change this by getting up to go for a walk or jog around the block tomorrow.

You may have started to overeat due to a special event or because something happened to make you feel depressed. However, at least not have reached the stage where you do not know what your diet and exercise are the requirements. In fact, it is much harder to break the habit of overeating when you eat excessive amounts of food whenever you remember. While you know you eat too much, you just do not know how much to eat.

There are many online calculators that can help you determine approximately what your needs are calories and calorie content of different foods so you can develop a diet plan that helps you manage your food more efficiently. If you know what you eat at meals and when the intent to eat, it’s easier to avoid snacks too, as you say when you can and can not eat.

It is worthwhile to eat regularly, so you do not so hungry that you frenzy on junk food while you should also consider portion sizes to serve you. If you serve meals on smaller plates, you will not able to put food on them so that you can help prevent overeating. On those occasions when you’re tempted to overeat or you actually give in to temptation, you can always do a little exercise to distract yourself or burn calories.

It can take some time to break the habit of eating too much, but it can be done as long as you are willing to change your habits and have patience and determination to stick to a diet plan.

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How to lose weight in his thirty years

If you want to be heavy as it might be over thirty who decides to do something about it. You could be really bad habits, when the first house on the left for college teen and never get rid of them, even if you do full time, your twenties. Maybe you found someone to settle and become comfortable with the routine, you can lie down on the ground and eat too much or you had a child who is completely off schedule. Whatever the reason for your weight you need to deal with at some stage, so why not this?

Weight loss always requires the same type of action when there is no miracle pill that will make a weight problem disappears by itself. You must be ready for the long term, as if you lose a pound or two per Week – you will be happy with - it may take some time for you to achieve your goal. Although you will probably want to lose five pounds a week, you would nearly starve yourself to achieve such a loss, meaning that you do not have the energy to live a normal life. Thus, your family and professional life suffer.

It is therefore important to focus on adherence to sensible ways that will not stick too much trouble, so you can lose weight at a steady, and then keep the weight off once you are satisfied with where you are. Eating a balanced and controlled in calories should be a priority, because you can lose weight by the formation of a calorie deficit. If you make an effort to reduce junk food you consume and opt for healthier options like fruits and vegetables, you should have enough energy to spend the day. Also, if you eat regularly, so it can never be too hungry, it will be easier to resist the temptation to binge on junk food.

Exercise can also help you lose weight in their thirties. Often it is something that is overlooked, because you imagine what will happen in the gym every day, which is quite difficult to keep going when you are not used to any kind of physical activity. You do not have to be obsessed with the ability to appreciate the benefits of brisk walking for half an hour each day, however. You burn calories and keep your heart healthy at the same time, have you get the long term.

Therefore, to lose in their thirties, you should try to find a way to ensure that healthy eating and exercise are not ignored because of other priorities.

How to lose weight quickly in summer

Summer is always the best time to lose weight, because it gives us more opportunities for outdoor activities. Each year, the hot season does not last long in North America. One wonders if there are ways that can help you lose weight quickly during the short summer. Well....... You may be inspired by such ideas as:

1. Get enough sleep and improve the working environment of the efficiency of your metabolic system! Every day your body needs plenty of sleep to increase your metabolism to burn more calories and burn more fat. Ideally, you should go to bed before 22:00 every night, even on weekends. If you are a night owl, you must sleep for at least 12 hours of sleep to recover your metabolic system. Otherwise, you should not expect your metabolic system to work efficiently to discover and eliminate unwanted fat from your body!

2. Eating the right foods at the right time! When you have the sensation of hunger is when your body starts to burn excess fat from your body. At this point, it should resist the temptation of food calories. Instead, you should try to eat fruits, vegetables and low in fat to fill his empty stomach quickly.

3. Never use food to relieve your stress! Today, due to stressful modern lifestyles, some people try to relieve their stress by eating food. In fact, this is not a good idea! When you overeat, swell and begin to lose confidence in your personal image. Therefore, when you're stressed, you must use non-food ways to relieve stress. For example, you see a comedy film to make you laugh, listening to soft music to feel relaxed, or sports that you are proud of you.

4. Drink water and your body feel good! Sometimes it can feel the confusion between thirst and hunger, which can lead to taking unnecessary calories drinks high in sugar. In fact, when you are thirsty, a glass of cold water may be sufficient to meet their needs. If you do not like water, can add fruity flavor in water or a cup of green tea, which not only can relieve thirst, but the system can also promote the metabolism to burn excess fat.

5 Simple Foods Tips to Get Flat Tummy

Are you satisfied with your hips? Would you be a little thinner? To be honest, most people will require some effort and work to get there. If you think you can do it without having to exercise, so you better start hoping very hard. Chances are it will not happen, unless of course you are lucky to have a body model. But for the rest of us, you must start exercising routine. The choice of a sport or exercise you enjoy doing, it is much easier. Just as important as physical exercise is your diet. This article gives you five ideas for easy to follow you to slim hips.

1. Start thinking low-carb, but not too low. Switch from white breads to whole wheat bread. Remove as much of sugary snacks and starchy vegetables like potatoes. Eat more whole grain foods. Whole grains are complex carbohydrates that take longer to break down the system, which seems much longer. Load up on green vegetables. Get a basin more streamlined, reducing the intake of carbohydrates.

2. Tips for eating meat. Save yourself a lot of fat, remove skin and visible fat from meat. If you have not yet begin to introduce fish and seafood into your diet as a source of protein. They are extremely low in fat and give you important nutrients than normal meat farmed land are not like the omega-3.

3. Beware of coffee. Black coffee itself is very low in calories and sugar. But be careful what you put into it. Large cafe mocha Starbucks may be nearly 500 Calories! Use skim milk instead of cream, and go easy on sugar. 500 calories is not required extra hard to slim hips.

4. Smart milk choices. Choose to drink skimmed compared to whole milk. Dairy products contain cholesterol and are usually high in fat. Some people choose to replace the whole milk to soy milk.

5. Alternative to ice cream. If you can not bear the thought of going without ice cream, a single spoon, rather than two or three. If you can not avoid it altogether, you can switch to frozen yogurt, which has many fewer calories than traditional ice cream.

These five tips can give you that advantage in your efforts to fight fat and weight gain. Always remember, however, that without a good exercise routine, but these suggestions are not a lot of power. Similarly, if you have a strong exercise routine, but fail to food choices, you can not see the results. So what are you waiting for? Go out and apply these tips to the hips slimmer!

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How does water help you lose weight quickly?

We all drink water every day, in addition to food; water is one of the basic conditions of the human body to function properly. The average person needs to drink several glasses of water a day to maintain adequate hydration. If you are overweight, and hopefully the thought of losing weight, you should be glad that you can use water as a primary ingredient in your weight loss program. Water helps you lose weight quickly in two important ways

1. First water helps fill the cavity of the stomach, making it very difficult for you to eat many foods at the same time. Many overweight people are not all entered in their physical condition by eating too unenviable.

They prefer to eat meals reckless mountain size, morning, noon and night. And generally, they would top this with extra meals in between. Now, it is not good for your weight, unless you plan to become a sumo wrestler!

The best thing to do is to eat small amounts of food to prolong each meal with a glass or two of water. Not only does this help digestion of the food, but the water makes you feel 'full' quickly, thereby preventing you from eating too much food.

2. Water can help you lose weight in a different way. The normal human body temperature is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Each time you drink a glass of cool water with temperatures averaging 40 degrees Fahrenheit or less, the mechanisms of the body moving quickly to restore body temperature reduced temporarily back to normal 98.6 degrees.

The body burns calories when you do that. It is estimated that if you drink eight glasses of cold water a day, your body burns 60 calories every day in this process. That totals up to nearly 500 calories a week.

It is therefore reasonable to include drinking plenty of cold water in your weight loss program per day.

Weight Loss Motivation -To lose weight fast!

Everyone needs motivation weight loss. Without the incentive of weight loss, we can not afford to lose weight. weight loss motivation is the thing that prevents you from eating junk bad motivation weight loss are things that will help to jog that extra mile just because you want to lose weight and motivation for weight loss is anything that prevents you from obtaining any more weight. In this article I will talk about different ways you can get motivated to lose weight quickly.

Writing goals you have a clear goal and purpose of what you want to achieve. If you do not have any kind of goals will be extremely difficult to lose weight, because you do not know what you want. Write goals and achieve them also add their self-esteem makes you proud of yourself to complete the objective. Writes the start of a diet, what is the current weight and what you want to achieve. So when you print, you can be a real record your results in writing.

Take pictures of yourself:
At the beginning of the diet should take a picture of the whole body. A few weeks of diet should take another picture and see if there is any difference. When you begin to see the difference you feel more motivated to continue, because the body is much better than it one month back. I remember when I used this technique for my self esteem went through the roof, because I saw a noticeable change in my body.

Desktop Pictures:
I think everyone knows a celebrity they admire because no body sexy. A great way to stay motivated is to have an image of someone I admire for his body on the computer screen. Each time you open your computer feel more motivated to get the body you want. When I was a system I use to get a picture of Adriana Lima, because that is what I wanted to be. This inspired me to work harder in the gym, play more sport and eat healthy.

Say to yourself:
Tell us about yourself, you can. If you truly believe in yourself that is all you need. Everyday remind yourself that you are capable of losing weight. Many people do not on their weight loss diet, because they never had faith in themselves. Do not be like them, and believe in yourself.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Home exercise to lose weight fast - 5 Tips

Exercises to lose weight quickly in place someone really wants to eliminate the extra pounds, even though his working time is very tight. It has been observed that many people want to lose weight, but many of them may not be consistent with their choice to lose weight in the system due to the various work schedules. How exercises are the best option for this set of people because they can keep to it at anytime at home whenever they have a little chance.
Aerobic and anaerobic are of two types of exercise that function in different ways to help people with weight problems to lose the extra pounds. When you engage in any aerobic exercise, you burn some fat used in the past, but the anaerobic exercise is for you to collect Necessary strength or force, which is necessary for you to keep exercising your choice. Two uses are essential for weight loss because you burn fat at a different time, when you constantly monitor the use of timetables.
It is necessary to emphasize that strength training is needed to keep fat in check and also provide the force necessary for healthy living in general.

Here are some common anaerobic and aerobic exercise to lose weight at home could be absorbed in an effective weight loss goals.

1. Squatting is a home exercise benefits that will positively affect the muscles of the legs and buttocks if done consistently. Just keep your feet shoulder width apart, while facing forward and squat, with a minimum of 20 or 30 times, while facing a mirror. This can be repeated 2 or 3 times a day to more effective results. It is recalled that it is necessary to do a bit of mild heat squatting before the simple exercise.

2. You can also start doing push ups every day you can lose that excess fat. Note that more than 70 percent of total body weight supported on your lap when you are pushing up, which is normally used to strengthen muscles arms.2 or 3 sets of push ups to 25 days is a good and effective training arm.

3. Brisk walking is another aerobic exercise helps reduce weight. You can start slowly, but try increasing your speed as quickly as possible, you can also go burn fat more quickly in the process. If you get tired while walking, you slow down a little and to increase your speed after a while. Be sure to make good warm up before one of these simple exercises at home to get the stamina for self-exercise sessions.

4. You can take taken jump, you can lose weight quickly. Jumping 20 or 30 times in two or more sessions in the mornings and nights are efficient ways to leave some surplus fat in the body.

5. You can start to move up and down the stairs of effective weight loss system home. You would have noticed that your breathing may be faster when you step on the stairs, so that helps burn fat, which is not necessary in the body.

Losing a lot of weight very quickly - These 7 Hot Tips for helping me drop 67 lbs in 4 months!

Want to lose a lot of weight very quickly and easily, but at the same time ensure that when you lose weight ... stays off forever? Okay my friend, few minutes from the busy day and read to find 7 Top Tips for giving me the opportunity to drop 67 Pounds 4 months ... permanently!

1. Morning Spark:
After a great night, your metabolism needs a spark to help you keep it going strong all day. The two best ways to get there is take an 8-ounce glass of ice water (the cause of thermogenesis that speeds up your metabolism) and also take a circuit training routine for 5 minutes fast. A routine may be something like 10 push-ups, running in place for 60 seconds, 10 jumps, sit-ups 20, 10 squats, etc.
2. Water:
Drink at least half their body weight in ounces of fresh water each day to help eliminate toxins in your body, eliminate water weight, improve your muscle tissue development, and more.
3. Sleep:
Get a minimum of seven hours of sleep each night. This increases the metabolic rate.
4. Late Night Eating:
Do not eat anything (especially carbohydrates) at least three hours before bedtime to avoid lowering your metabolism.
5. Eat more Eat less
Instead of eating a couple of huge meals every day, I recommend you have a diet plan, based on healthy eating several small meals a day. This prevents the decrease in metabolism and made rocket, its largest peak. Moreover, to have less hunger during the day and get rid of their nagging cravings!
6. Shift Calories:
One thing that really helped me lose those 67 pounds with relative ease I got was a program which relies on a unique and powerful slimming technology transfer. That this method is based on a model of how to feed nutrients to prevent metabolic changes either in itself right, and instead of promoting its maximum fat loss crazy.
7. Consistency:
When you first checked all the fad diets (low carb, low fat, low calorie, etc.), your mind and decided to concentrate my efforts on a diet being the only thing left to do was make sure I was 100 % compatible. The more consistent you are, the more we guarantee amazing results.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Get rid of stubborn fat - seven ways to do it!

Here are tips to help you get rid of stubborn fat!

1. Resistance training involves high intensity cardio, high intensity and endurance. By doing these things together, what it does is increase lean muscle mass, burning stubborn fat, increase metabolism and increases your metabolic rate at rest!

2. Monounsaturated fats are not stored in your body, to go to the extent possible.

3. Get the nutrients right in your diet: In order to remove the belly bulge of unwanted fat and general body, you need to eat well. Protein, fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and healthy fats are essential

4. Other proteins in the diet are crucial. You must reduce the calories of carbohydrates and fats, while increasing protein intake. This protein provides your muscles during exercise. You may also feel more satisfied after a meal.

5. The importance of cardio - Cardio is necessary to increase heart rate for burning fat. It should be part of any exercise program. There are several types of cardio to help reduce your waistline. Jogging, brisk walking and aerobic exercise are the most popular size to tighten.

6. Most of the alcohol does not offer much, in fact, no nutritional value what so ever. At the same time is a major contributor to excess abdominal fat. Reduce the intake of alcohol, without red wine; which is reasonably good heart, the more calories, and drinking alcohol go to storage of fat.

7. If possible, a group of weight loss that others share your same situation and the same goal. The New England Journal of medical studies has shown that they certainly have a better chance of success in weight loss when you are involved in a support group. You will find others who can help you while you encourage them.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Your Ideal Height Weight Ratio - Is My Weight Good For My Height?

The question of the ideal weight to height ratio is a very popular question. So many people are concerned with their weight in this day and age. As health problems seem to be on the rise and new ones are discovered all the time, staying healthy should be a goal for everyone. We all want to reach that ideal height and weight ratio as a part of staying healthy and, of course, looking good too. When we are at a healthy weight, we are overall healthier and happier people.

There are several things to take into consideration when trying to figure out if your weight is good for your height. Your age, sex and body build are all things to take into consideration. There is no exact science to figuring out your weight to height ratio. There is however a way to get a figure that will give you an approximate range.

Figuring out your BMI will give you that approximate range. BMI stands for "body mass index" which will help you determine if your height and weight are good together. There are a couple ways to figure this out. The simplest formula is as follows:

BMI = ( Weight in Pounds / ( Height in inches ) x ( Height in inches ) ) x 703

If you prefer to figure this in metric you can use this formula:
BMI = Weight (Kg) / Height (Meters) x Height (Meters)

Don't like doing math? You can find BMI calculators online that you just need to input the fields and it will do the math for you.

If you are at 18.5 or less then you are considered to be underweight but at 8.5 to 24.99 you're weight is normal. It your total hits 25 to 29.99 then you are a bit overweight and should probably consider losing a few pounds. For 30 to 39.99 you are considered obese and should defiantly lose some weight for health issues. A total of 40 or higher means that you are morbidly obese and you should start changing you're eating and exercise habits very soon for many health reasons.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Losing Your Big Belly - Best Way to Lose Belly Fat

Losing your big belly may not be as hard as you may think. If you are willing to be patient, put in a little hard work, and are willing to set realistic goals for yourself, losing belly fat should be a walk in the park.

There are no magic wands, the market is filled with products out there that promises miracles, just know there are no magic pills.

Now with that said I'm not saying that all these products are scams, but some are.

Here are three red flags

1) You won't lose weight without exercising
2) You won't lose weight without changing your diet
3) You are not going to lose 15 or 20 pounds in a week, not safely anyway.

Losing your big belly is going to require you to do three things:

1) Change diet: add fruits, vegetable, nuts, lean meats, protein, and instead of eating three big meals eat five or six smaller meals.

2) Increase Cardio: one way to lose weight is to get the heart rate up. Instead of the elevator take the stairs, walk to the store instead of driving, find sports activities you can do with friends, swimming, bike riding, etc...

3) Weight train: muscle burns fat and increases the metabolism so find a program you're comfortable with and do it three to four times a week.

If you stick with this for at least 90 days you should see results, just remember what you put in to this is what you will get out of it.

How to Lose Weight Quickly and Safely

Now that summer is here, many people will be heading to the beaches to show off their flawless and not-so-flawless figures. With that being the case, many people look to a variety of methods to lose weight quickly to make sure they can fit into that itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny-yellow-polka dot bikini.

There are many ways to lose weight quickly; it's just a matter of finding a method that works without causing any bodily harm in the long run.


There are dozens of "weight loss" pills that guarantee that you will "lose weight quickly". Some work by consuming three pills a day, about 30 minutes before you eat your meal. Some pills are water pills, giving you the feeling of a full stomach to cut down on how much you each during your meals. Others increase the speed of your metabolism or block fats from digestion. Some pills are filled with supplements, green tea, or other natural ingredients to assist you with losing weight in a more natural fashion. With many of these pills, however, come some potential health risks in the long run.

Diet Drinks

By spending your weekend consuming nothing but a powdered drink substance named after some coastal beach, you can lose weight quickly, even up to 10 pounds in 7 days or less. A number of diet programs also sell over-the-counter 6-packs of a milk-shake type beverage that will also curb your appetite and provide a tasty meal substitute. These methods of losing weight must also be balanced by drinking a lot of water as many of these diet drinks involve a large amount of calcium that can lead to kidney stones.

Medical procedures

To deal with unwanted fat many choose to go under the knife and have liposuction, gastric bypass or had a gastric band installed. While these methods have shown that patients do lose weight quickly, going under any type of surgery brings great health risks and a doctor should be consulted to discuss other methods of weight loss prior to any of the above-mentioned.


No matter which method you chose in which to lose weight quickly, be sure to consult a doctor prior to making any diet choices. While many of these prove affective, not all rapid weight loss solutions are healthy, and while immediate, they can be harmful.