Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fast Weight Loss Tips - 4 Amazing Tips to Get a Leaner Body Fast - I Lost 50 LBS In 8 Weeks!

Do you want proven fast weight loss tips that will get you that sexy body you've been wanting... and deserve?! Alright my friend, take a couple of minutes out of your day and read on to discover 4 amazing tips to lose weight fast... and permanently:

1. Build Lean Muscle - Ladies, please understand that you DO NOT have to get massive muscles. All you need to do is ensure that with your exercise program that you are also building muscle tissue along with doing cardio for fat loss. Muscle is very important to build since it will give you that toned look and muscle burns fat off during the workout and after the workout! The best exercises I recommend are squats, lunges, dead lifts, military presses, and bench presses.

2. Increase Protein Intake - Getting plenty of ALL types of nutrients is highly recommended, however, if you increase the amount of protein you get, you'll find yourself with that sexy beach body before you know it! Once I started getting more protein, I noticed a difference in the first week! I recommend Greek organic yogurt, lean chicken/turkey breast, beans, egg whites, and whey protein shakes for great protein sources.

3. Proper Nutrition - Please, whatever you do, avoid those crazy fad diets (low fat, low calorie, low carb, starving yourself, etc.) by any means necessary! Those unnatural programs will cause you a mountain of problems too long to list! I do however recommend that you get on a program that encourages you to eat ALL types of nutrients and to eat more frequently through out the day.

4. Boost Metabolism - If you want to guarantee that you'll get that sexy lean body unbelievably fast, then you MUST ensure that you naturally boost your metabolism. Natural ways to boost your metabolism are adding spices to your meals (chili powder, paprika, cinnamon, cayenne pepper for example), getting 3 servings of organic apple cider vinegar daily, drinking green tea daily, and calorie shifting.

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