Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Healthy Herbal Weight Loss

Many times people complain about not being able to lose extra weight even with general weight loss products. At the same time they feel tired and sluggish, almost as though their energy level has dropped for no special reason. You might even find that your skin and hair lack luster, and you feel older than you should. You know that your body is in distress and requires a boost, but you aren't quite sure what it is all about.

What you actually need is a detox diet to cleanse out the natural toxins formed by the body as well as other poisons caused by bad diet, alcohol, preservatives and colorants in our food, and of course polluted air takes its toll as well. These elements all have the ability to damage our cells, internal organs, muscles and skin, which in turn affect our energy and feeling of well being negatively.

There is an answer to all these problems, which comes in the form of the maqui berry. Never heard of it before? Well, it was discovered in Chile and was found to be a marvelous natural detox and one of the best weight loss supplements available. It is always interesting that when first world countries "discover" a plant that the locals of a specific country have been using for centuries, and analyze the health properties, they realize why people in poorer countries are healthy, in spite of no organized health care.

Among the many maqui berry benefits is the fact that it is a fantastic anti oxidant. It far outweighs the acclaimed acai berries that have been proclaimed to have the same amount of anti oxidants as red wine. Maqui super berry gives you a detox program second to none. It has the capacity to detox the body of free radicals, which are the cells of the body's worst enemies. Harmful molecules from our environment and even from inside our bodies are forming large amounts of free radicals that invade our bodies to break down the body cells. Antioxidants are required to neutralize them in order to restore our bodies to good health again.

The maqui berries are able to do this for you and once your body has been through this detox cleansing you will find that healthy weight loss will become easy. Many times detox weight loss go hand in hand. When your body needs detoxing, it is very difficult to lose weight, once this has been attended to, you will find that with your new feeling of well being you will be able to lose weight without too much difficulty.

For all the attributes of acai supplements, the maqui berries out do them every time. The maqui super berry has been clinically proven and has the ORAC rating, which stands for the Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity. It is the official measurement used by laboratories around the world to measure amounts of anti oxidants packed into various foods. TRAP rates ability to catch total free radicals. TAR figures indicate absolute antioxidant reactivity. It makes it easier to identify berries, fruit and herbs, which can be used to reverse the damaging effects of everyday toxins and poisons.

This test proves that maqui juice, maqui fruit and maqui berry powder, whichever way you want to take it has the highest antioxidant capacity of all food. Try pure acai berry and then maquis, and prove to yourself which one is the best. You will know by the fantastic feelings of well being you experience after maqui detox diets that this beats any other weight loss aids on the current market.

This should be reason enough for you to buy maqui berry for your easy weight loss quick detox program. Herbal weight loss far outweighs using any other form of chemically produced weight loss supplements

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