Friday, June 4, 2010

Losing Belly Fat

Attending a wedding or a party on a new diet or exercise plan can be disastrous. Having to watch what you eat while there are only "cheat food" where ever you look can prove to be the ultimate test of your willpower. But what do you do on such occasions while you want to maintain your figure? You follow my 5 smart tips for part eating on a diet.

1. Substitute smartly
Make smart substitutions like the following:

Choose mini meatballs over biscuits with cream cheese and sweet chili sauce
Sweet chili cream cheese biscuits are loaded with bad fat, where the, meatballs don't have as much fat in. But limit your meatball amount to 3-4 balls.

Choose peanuts over samoosas
Peanuts contain the healthy (unsaturated) fat where samoosas are loaded with the bad fat. The peanuts also don't contain as much fat as the samoosas.

Choose chicken kebabs over sticky chicken wings
The skinless kebabs are much lower in fat as the chicken wings because of the high fat content in the skin of the sticky wings.

Drink sparkling wine/wine spritzer over cocktail of strawberry daiquiri
A cocktail is usually high in calories and sugar where sparkling wine or a wine spritzer are not.

Choose fruit salad over ice cream
When you have a choice over ice-cream or fruit salad, go for the fruit salad.

2. Eat something before going to the party
Before going to the party, have something to eat. That way you won't be as hungry and you will also eat less.

3 Watch your alcohol intake
Alcohol can make all your good intentions go down the drain. So don't have more than 3 drinks.

4. Don't mingle around the food tables
Having a chat around the food tables can wreak havoc on your diet because it will make you eat more.

5. Say no to seconds
When the hosts offers you another piece of cake, politely decline.

When you attend your next party or wedding armed with the above tips you will surely have all the tools to enjoy yourself and still watch your waistline. Another smart trick I use is to eat 100% right in the week and then to include a cheat day where I can eat whatever I like. Try it, it may work for you.

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