Friday, June 4, 2010

Six Pack Abs Quickly - 7 Easy Steps to Getting Six Pack Abs Quickly

To get six pack abs quick you should avoid doing hundreds of basic crunches each day. They do not help and only strain your back and neck. Instead of doing anything crazy use these techniques to get six pack abs quickly.

1) Focus more on your diet. Eating healthy natural foods is very important when trying to lose belly fat and get six pack abs. Foods like lean meats, fruits, vegetables, and nuts are all staples of a solid abs diet.

2) Eat more protein. Do not worry about getting a gram of protein per pound of body weight. Instead focus on just eating a serving of protein with each meal. Some great sources are cottage cheese, chicken, lean beef, turkey, and eggs. Aim for 15-20 grams with each meal.

3) Eat more fat. Limit how much saturated fat you eat and stay away from trans fat. But eating more healthy fats from foods like olive oil, peanut butter, and salmon really help your body clean out its system which results in more fat loss. Eating these kinds foods do not cause fat gain. Poor diet and lack of exercise do.

4) Do ab exercises. One very effective exercise that requires no equipment is reverse crunches. Do these by laying on the floor with your legs up in the air and your knees bent at about 90 degrees.

Then bring your knees back to touch your chest and then forward again. These are great for working your lower abs.

5) Get stronger. Do compound exercises like squats, rows, chest presses, and lunges. These are very effective for burning fat and building muscle all over.

They work more than one muscle group and burns loads of calories. Although they do not work your abs directly they do burn belly fat faster which makes it easier to see your six pack abs.

6) Drink plenty of water. Water flushes toxins out of your system and keeps you hydrated. For every cup of water you drink you burn about 8 calories of pure fat. Aim to drink at least 8 glasses a day.

7) Eat more frequently. By eating 5-6 small meals a day you will shrink the size of your belly over time. This will help you avoid feeling bloated and more energized. Try to eat every 3 hours starting breakfast in the morning.

By eating more you will avoid starving yourself so you will be less likely to binge on junk food later in the day. This will really help you get six pack abs quick

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