Tuesday, June 8, 2010

How to Lose a Pound per Week

Step 1
Calculate your intake. Begin by logging your caloric intake for one week. Don't regulate your diet this week, just get a read on how many calories you have been consuming on a normal basis.
Step 2
Take your total calories per day with your current diet, and subtract five hundred calories. To be healthy and safe in your weight loss goals, and lose no more than one pound per week, you will need to decrease your calories per day by 500. This should be a combination of cutting calories from your diet and burning them with exercise.
Step 3
Start moving. To help reach your burning calories goal of 200 or more, take a walk for 30 minutes every day. If walking isn't your style try spinning for 30 minutes, doing chores around the house for an hour, do Pilate's or yoga for 35 minutes, dance for 40 minutes or wash your windows for an hour.
Step 4
Skimp on extras. When trying to lose a pound per week, you can cut calories by changing small things in your diet. Go without creamer in your coffee or cream cheese on your bagel. Choose strawberries over bananas and choose fruit instead of pastries for breakfast. Delete cheese from your salad, skip the latte, eat yogurt instead of ice cream, ignore candy and eat nuts instead. Another good way to avoid useless calories is cutting out sodas and drinking water instead.

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