Wednesday, July 28, 2010

How to lose weight quickly in summer

Summer is always the best time to lose weight, because it gives us more opportunities for outdoor activities. Each year, the hot season does not last long in North America. One wonders if there are ways that can help you lose weight quickly during the short summer. Well....... You may be inspired by such ideas as:

1. Get enough sleep and improve the working environment of the efficiency of your metabolic system! Every day your body needs plenty of sleep to increase your metabolism to burn more calories and burn more fat. Ideally, you should go to bed before 22:00 every night, even on weekends. If you are a night owl, you must sleep for at least 12 hours of sleep to recover your metabolic system. Otherwise, you should not expect your metabolic system to work efficiently to discover and eliminate unwanted fat from your body!

2. Eating the right foods at the right time! When you have the sensation of hunger is when your body starts to burn excess fat from your body. At this point, it should resist the temptation of food calories. Instead, you should try to eat fruits, vegetables and low in fat to fill his empty stomach quickly.

3. Never use food to relieve your stress! Today, due to stressful modern lifestyles, some people try to relieve their stress by eating food. In fact, this is not a good idea! When you overeat, swell and begin to lose confidence in your personal image. Therefore, when you're stressed, you must use non-food ways to relieve stress. For example, you see a comedy film to make you laugh, listening to soft music to feel relaxed, or sports that you are proud of you.

4. Drink water and your body feel good! Sometimes it can feel the confusion between thirst and hunger, which can lead to taking unnecessary calories drinks high in sugar. In fact, when you are thirsty, a glass of cold water may be sufficient to meet their needs. If you do not like water, can add fruity flavor in water or a cup of green tea, which not only can relieve thirst, but the system can also promote the metabolism to burn excess fat.

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