Thursday, July 29, 2010

How to break the habit of eating too

We all eat too from time to time, in most cases, no problem. Who cares if you go a little overboard when it’s Christmas and you want to leave your hair? You can put on a few pounds, but more often you cut back on junk food and do some more exercise so that you are your normal size. But it is when you seem unable to stop overeating; you might have trouble controlling your weight. If overeating becomes a habit, it is almost inevitable that you consume more calories than you burn, then put on weight.

You must break this habit of eating. It is not difficult if you have recently been caught in a trap of eating too much because you still have some memories of this kind of regime should eat and how much food is appropriate for you. You are very aware of how little exercise you do and how you can change this by getting up to go for a walk or jog around the block tomorrow.

You may have started to overeat due to a special event or because something happened to make you feel depressed. However, at least not have reached the stage where you do not know what your diet and exercise are the requirements. In fact, it is much harder to break the habit of overeating when you eat excessive amounts of food whenever you remember. While you know you eat too much, you just do not know how much to eat.

There are many online calculators that can help you determine approximately what your needs are calories and calorie content of different foods so you can develop a diet plan that helps you manage your food more efficiently. If you know what you eat at meals and when the intent to eat, it’s easier to avoid snacks too, as you say when you can and can not eat.

It is worthwhile to eat regularly, so you do not so hungry that you frenzy on junk food while you should also consider portion sizes to serve you. If you serve meals on smaller plates, you will not able to put food on them so that you can help prevent overeating. On those occasions when you’re tempted to overeat or you actually give in to temptation, you can always do a little exercise to distract yourself or burn calories.

It can take some time to break the habit of eating too much, but it can be done as long as you are willing to change your habits and have patience and determination to stick to a diet plan.

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