Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Best Workouts For Fat Loss: Which Ones Are They?

Losing weight has become more of a necessary trend these days more than it has become a hobby for the health enthusiast and it reflects how the population of overweight people has bloated in the last two decades. Many have turned to nutrition diets, gym and aerobic exercises and different weight loss programs that integrate both but the usual question is: what are the best workouts for fat loss? Not all workouts work for everybody since the individual has different quirks and their own diet and health status can affect what they can and cannot do. Here is a quick run on some of the best workouts available for almost everyone:

Lunges are better than squats:

Squats are essential to a strength work-out and strength work-outs are important to cut off fat but there are many problems with squats for beginners since it may seem like an easier work-out but it is easy to do it wrong and damage your body more than doing it any benefit. On the other hand there are many variations of lunges that you can pick which one is best for you. The mere fact that lunges work individual legs and it maximizes the time to burn out fats and turn them into toned muscles is a great compliment to another workout: running. If you want to add weights then use dumbbells that are a third heavy of the maximum weight you can carry to enable you to do numerous exercises.

Running and walking:

Running and walking go hand in hand. All of the best workouts for fat loss include these two and it is essential to weave them into your workout schedule. The trick is how intense and how long you should run and walk. Intensive running like sprinting to your maximum speed should be done for only fifteen minutes, intervened with rest via walking for every minute. If you want to run at a slower pace raise the amount of time spent on it. Don't just stick to intensive training or just to relaxation running; alternate so your body won't adapt and lead to muscle loss.

Burst push-ups and crunches:

It's not about doing a unique and difficult push-ups or crunches but about doing as many as you can in a short period of time to intensively exert effort and burn fats and to be able repeat the movement to tone fats into muscles. If you can't do more than twenty push-ups and crunches or if you are feeling pains doing the regular push-ups then try to do push-ups on an elevated counter. The higher you go, the easier the push-up is. If you are having a hard time keeping your back straight then rest your knees on the floor and elevate your feet to balance the weight and keep your back straight.

These are some of the best workouts for fat loss that focus on specific parts of your body and promote good cardio as well. Mixing cardio and these strength exercises will burn the fats faster than you think, especially if you are frequent on water and you follow a good diet of nutritious food.

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