Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Natural Ways to Lose Weight

Losing weight is essential in staying healthy. It is also one of the hardest things to accomplish especially when you're one busy individual. But being stressed out about work shouldn't hinder you from achieving the shape, size and weight you've always dream of. And it's true; all you need is determination and the right way to lose weight.

Of all the many tips to lose weight out there; here you'll be provided with the 5 Natural and Easy Weight Loss tips that will surely give you the best results.

1. Herbal Weight Loss Supplements - There are various herbal supplements which can help you lose weight naturally and safely. Great examples of herbs which are great for weight loss are cayenne pepper, garlic, and cinnamon. Of course, there are also tons of other herbs which can enhance the effects of your weight loss pills, so why not go natural? By using herbs to lose weight, you can be sure that the effects of this wonder-drug from nature will not damage your system. What's more, herbs do not have any adverse or unexpected side effects compared to synthetic weight loss pills.

2. 5-10 Minutes of Heavy Exercise - You don't need to hit the gym to do this lest you want to waste money on equipment use. Anyway, since you're busy with work and the stresses of home-life you can do a 5-10 minute heavy exercise before bedtime. Exercising before you sleep is a great way to suppress your sleep hormone melatonin temporarily and have that extra energy to do late night chores and projects due the next day. You can start by stretching and proceed to any exercise you want that will get you sweating. Burning calories a few minutes a day is ideal for anyone wanting to lose weight. It does not only make you feel happier and better, it will not also overwhelm your body thus weight loss becomes gradual and yet progressive.

3. Don't forget your Tea Time - Another Easy Weight Loss tip you can add to your lifestyle is the habit of drinking tea. Green tea in particular contains antioxidants and nutrients which can help effectively burn fat. But the greatest part green tea plays in weight loss is its ability to cleanse your digestive tract from toxins and excess fat.

4. Munch on some carrots -Eating carrots sticks is another Easy Weight Loss tip you can do. But if you want to lose some serious pounds then forget carrot sticks! Munch on 5-6 carrots in a day and you'll not only get rid of bloating but you will absolutely lose weight. This works because of the high fiber carrots contain which gently sweeps your intestines off toxins and fat. You will notice that your stool will also become oily.

5. Have a complete meal of 65% Carbohydrates, 15% Fats and 20% proteins - Just because you've read in some magazine that fats can be stored in your digestive tract or that proteins can increase weight; does not mean it's absolutely true. Never let your body go into starvation mode by leaving out important parts of the diet because this will decrease your metabolism.

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