Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Free Fat Burning Exercises

The best way to burn fat is to exercise in your maximum fat burning heart rate zone for 25 to 30 minutes. Stationary bike riding is one of the best exercise routine. Cycling uses the large leg muscles, which burns more calories than most aerobic exercises. Stationary cycling for 35 minutes burns 400 calories and that's 3 times the calories you will burn from walking.

The misconception is that you need to "huff and puff" to lose weight. In reality, the opposite is true. Strenuous exercise is not the best way to lose weight. By keeping your heart rate at 50% to 60% of its maximum, you can exercise very comfortably for 30 minutes a day without feeling drained or tired.

1. Stationary Bike with Back Support - Place your stationary bike in front of the TV and cycle for 30 minutes watching your favorite television program. Before you know it, your exercise routine is over and you can easily ride 30 minutes per day.

2. Outdoor Cycling - You'll get the same calorie burn as stationary cycling if you ride without stopping. Try to pedal at a comfortable speed that doesn't place your heart rate outside the fat burning zone.

3. Fast Pace Walk During Lunch Break - Try walking for 30 minutes during your lunch break. If you get an hour for lunch, take half that time for a fast pace walk. This will automatically give you 5 walking sessions at 30 minutes each. Your exercise routine has to become a habit and by scheduling your walk during lunch break, you'll always have time to exercise. Walking is low impact on the joints but be sure to walk at a fast pace. Get your heart rate sufficiently high to the point of sweating. Most people walk too slowly to get the "fat burning" benefit that walking has to offer. You can walk anytime and it's something you can do by yourself or with friends. The best way to stick with your exercise plan is to walk at the same time every day until it becomes a habit.

4. Light Weight Lifting - Begin a weight training program of exercises using light weights and enlist the gym trainer to design and supervise an exercise program for you. They do this free if you join their health club. Weight lifting increases muscle and muscle burns more calories. When you burn more calories each day, you lose weight as long as you eat the same amount of calories. This is the best of all tips for improving your appearance. Weight lifting is one of the best exercises for the body because it can transform your entire physique. You can lose all the weight you want and look terrible but if you lose fat while building muscle, you'll have a trim and athletic look.

5. Swimming - Swimming is the best exercise of all because there is no impact on the joints and it's very good for the cardio vascular system. Water gives you a natural resistance that makes your body stronger, leaner and fit. The major disadvantage of swimming is access. Very few have access to an indoor pool for year round work-outs but many of large health clubs now have Olympic size pools and its part of your membership.

6. Jogging - Jogging does have heavy impact on the joints but if that's not a problem for you, jogging can offer great weight loss benefit. Combine jogging or any exercise routine with a good diet plan, and you have all you need to lose weight and look healthy.

Get a scale that measure body fat along with total weight. This way you'll know the amount of fat you're losing or gaining without worry about the total weight. These high tech scales use electrical impedance to measure body resistance, then calculates your body fat.

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