Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Green Team and Weight Loss

As you can see, green tea is extremely beneficial in so many ways. I can whole heartedly recommend it for weight loss from my own personal experience. Use your inner guidance and see what YOUR body says about drinking green tea.

With all the different products on the market it can be rather difficult to determine what is going to really be effective and what has just empty claims of success. The truth is that different things work for different people. Some people can lose weight effectively with simple changes to what they eat and drink, in combination with exercise. Most people have found that there are certain things that will help provide a little push in their weight loss efforts. One of these things is green tea.

You've heard all the hype about its benefits, and now you are wondering if green tea and weight loss can really go together. There are some true benefits that have been known for many years, but green tea and weight loss have only been linked together in the last few years.

Some benefits come about because of its natural ingredients. Because of the natural composition of this tea, there are a ton of health benefits. Green tea helps weight loss, but there is so much more. It can also help with other health problems, like diabetes and cancer. There are also studies that have shown that these same benefits can also apply to people with heart problems.

The benefits are available in several forms and the most common is in drinks. Lipton makes a carbonated and raspberry flavored variations of this type of drink. Most people that have had success with some weight loss have relied on changing from their regular carbonated pepsi drinks to this form.

Green tea and weight loss can also be linked through herbal supplements in the form of extracts and capsules, as capsules are easy to swallow. These can be taken following a regimen of two to three times a day. Green tea extracts can be added to your favorite juices or even your dietary supplement shakes. The concentrated form gives you the largest benefits by far.

Green tea and weight loss may be a new concept, but the benefits have been a secret treatment for so many other ailment for many generations. The Chinese would drink this tea in a warm brew, adding honey or other natural sweeteners. You can't help but wonder if this was how Chinese people were able to maintain their health and physique.

The main benefits of green tea come from the antioxidants within each little leaf. Antioxidants have the ability to help cellular repair from the damage that free radicals cause. When the body does not have a large enough supply of antioxidants the free radicals run rampant and can lead to issues like cancer and cardiovascular disease. Recent research has also shown that antioxidants can help maintain bone strength and prevent bone issues like osteoporosis.

Green tea is all the rage these days. Why shouldn't it be? It is full of those magical antioxidant properties called polyphenols. The Chinese have known about the benefits of green tea for a very long time. It is about time the rest of us clued into these benefits. Green tea is linked to weight loss which is what has made it so popular in recent years. Research shows other potential benefits to include prevention of cancer, reduction in the risk of heart disease, and a whole host of other health benefits.

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