Thursday, December 22, 2011

Five Weight Loss Tips to Add to Your Arsenal of Health Tools.

Weight loss is something more and more people are trying to accomplish. It is not easy to lose weight. There is temptation all around from posters with delicious foods, smells of french fries or donuts wafting through the air and sometimes eating fattening foods is just cheaper and easier. So what are we to do? Here are five weight loss tips to add to your arsenal of health tools.

Do not procrastinate your desire to lose weight. The temptations will always be there. You can take a few months off from eating junk food so you can work on a weight loss plan. Once you have lost the weight, the foods that you desire will still be there. But if you keep eating fattening foods and put off your goals to lose weight, then your excess weight will be there, too.

Break your program down into smaller steps. Do not look at the big picture of not eating "fun foods" for the next three or six months. Instead, get through the week. Subconsciously, you may be better able to deal with the fact that you are dieting for a week rather than three months.

Drink plenty of water, herbal teas or even fresh vegetable or diluted fruit juice. Often we confuse thirst for hunger and instead of drinking water to quench the thirst, we eat food that we really don't need.

Don't get fooled by thinking that drinking a soda will quench your thirst either. The sugar in soda can actually make you thirstier as your body is not being truly hydrated by high fructose corn syrup. And diet sodas are no better; while there may be water in it, it is adulterated by chemical sweeteners. The latest research shows that those who drink diet sodas have about a 70% larger waist line than those who do not. So do not sabotage your weight loss plan, drink water instead.

Eat smaller meals. Often people eat portions that are too large for their bodies to digest all at once. This leads the extra food being stored as excess waste and weight. Eating smaller meals with correct portion sizes helps your body to digest all of it. This leads to faster metabolism and more efficient fat burning by your liver.

Get moving and exercise. No matter what weight loss plan you use, try to incorporate some form of exercise even if it is walking. Stretching, using, and strengthening your body has many benefits. It stimulates metabolism, builds muscle, which burns more calories, helps your liver burn fat and strengthens your immune system. Of course if you are not used to exercise, you should talk to your doctor first.

No matter what the temptations are around you, try to get started on your weight loss plan today. Help your body get stronger, healthier and more fit by using as many weight loss tips as you can and your body will take care of you in return. And as with anything, talk to your health care professional before any diet or exercise change.

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