Thursday, December 22, 2011

Right Foods for Weight Loss

Like every man and woman on the face of the Earth, your body loses one pound for every 3,500 calories cut from your diet. It won't be easy, but maybe you can drop 5 pounds in your first couple of weeks. By the end of the month, you could be 10 pounds skinner, and wearing old blue jeans that you haven't fit into for many years. Your face will be glowing by the time you drop 20 pounds, or even more weight. All you need to do is start eating the right foods to quickly and safely lose weight fast.

To start, remember that produce is your weight loss friend. Fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as raw pickings, are ideal for anyone who is trying to lose weight fast. Some fruits and veggies, like oranges and lemons, are extremely high in vitamin C, allowing your body to flush out plenty of fat. Apples are a wonderful choice, as they contain pectin, molecules that help to keep you thin by suppressing your appetite for hours at a time. A nifty little trick is to eat an apple before each meal to help fill up your tummy. After all, eating any meals or snacks with the natural foods cause your body to burn many more calories than if you denied it any produce.

Make sure you get your fair share of dairy products. Rely on milk, cheese, and low-fat yogurt to speed up your metabolism and get rid of fat cells. After all, dairy products contain good proteins and calcium to fight off any hunger cravings. Doctors have confirmed that dairy foods and drinks are more effective for weight loss than relying on calcium pills.

Complex carbs, like oatmeal, are smart for anyone looking to lose weight fast. Their high fiber content fills up your belly, effectively lowering your appetite. After getting your oatmeal, you can go several hours at a time without eating. Meanwhile, your energy level will be at the top of its game. Of course, you should do your best to steer clear of the high sugar contents of flavored oatmeal. Rather, you should enjoy plain or natural oatmeal to lose weight fast.

You may not always care much for the smell, but fish are wonderful for helping you to lose weight fast. Consuming fish causes your body to react the fat burning hormone known as leptin, which is also the Greek word for thin. Fish satisfy your stomach, while causing plenty of calories to be burnt for energy. If you despise the idea of sardines, simply choose a more satisfying fish to nibble on, such as tuna or salmon.

Finally, you can go nuts eating nuts. Walnuts, peanuts and other selections are rich in protein and Omega 3 fatty acids. Nuts help your body to eliminate fat, as well as create higher doses of testosterone. Yet, be cautious not to chow down on fattening roasted or salted nuts. Instead, reach for raw nuts, if not organic nuts, to lose weight fast. Better yet, try eating selenium and selenium-rich Brazil nuts to keeping your metabolism working in high gear.

Since reaching my 40s, my belly blew up like a balloon. I needed to lose weight, and I needed to lose weight fast. I had no desire to spend hours sweating at the gym, or to risk my health on some fad diet. I know that some folks with different medical conditions get skinny in no time with prescriptions for hormone replacement therapy, such as HCG Injections. So I asked my doctor how to lose weight fast. His immediate answer was to eat the right foods for quick weight loss. That's easy!

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