Wednesday, August 25, 2010

7 Surefire Ways to Lose Your Stubborn Belly Fat

Don’t worry about the Belly fat. Here you can know 7 ways to lose your stubborn belly fat
1.) Count Calories
Many people stray away from counting calories simply because they find it to be too time-consuming or difficult to do. The fact is, counting calories is one of the best ways to stay motivated when trying to lose weight. For those who own smart phones, there are many applications available that will assist you in counting calories, some of which are free of charge. If you ever want to make a dent on your belly fat, you need to know exactly what is going into your body.
2.) Use an Ab Roller
When targeting belly fat, the abs are the area you want to work on the most. While there are many exercises that can be done in a gym setting, you can help to speed along the toning process by using an ab roller. Ab rollers are easy to use, inexpensive to purchase and can give you the results you're looking for far quicker than sticking only with traditional exercise techniques.
3.) Focus on Abs at the Gym
Going to the gym is one of the best ways to ensure that you're actually getting the exercise you need in order to lose the belly fat that bothers you. When there, it is of course important to focus on cardiovascular activities like biking and running, but you should also put effort into focus on exercises that work your abdominal muscles, as this is your target area.
4.) Avoid Fast Food
Fast food is notorious for its influence on a person's body fat, as most fast food is full of empty calories and saturated fat. Plan to not visit any fast food restaurants during your diet (and after, if you can stand it), and you will be amazed how much easier it is to lose weight. Fast food should be avoided completely whenever possible if you wish to burn belly fat.
5.) Avoid Alcohol
Alcohol is loaded with empty calories, and works to slow down the body's metabolism and eliminate testosterone. As a result, heavy drinkers often end up with the eponymous "beer belly" that people are always talking about. The simple truth is that the best way to avoid gaining or exacerbating existent belly fat is to avoid alcohol altogether, or at least cut down to no more than one drink per evening.
6.) Do Crunches at Home
Crunches can be very helpful when trying to lose belly fat, and can be done in the comfort of your own home. Not only are crunches easy to do, they can be done in the spur of the moment, giving you a helpful, quick exercise to take just about anywhere you go. If crunches are uncomfortable at first, don't overwork your body - start light and move up.
7.) Drink Green Tea
There may be no drink on the planet that better helps to assist with weight loss than green tea. Green tea is not only delicious; it is loaded with healthful antioxidants and is capable of boosting the metabolism, which can assist in fat loss. Drinking just a few cups per day can help you to burn 70 extra calories! If you're looking for the perfect weight loss supplement, look no further than green tea.

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