Thursday, August 26, 2010

Foods that you should eat to burn body fat

There are certain foods that cause accelerated oxidation of fat in the body, and other food instead prevents fat burning. In order to create an effect of burning fat, you should put together the right foods. Let me explain further.
First of all, sugar is your number one enemy. Depending on how much sugar you have in blood, it will have one effect or another. When sugar in blood is at low level, such as 60, it produces constant hunger, cravings and fatigue. When your sugar level is about 90, you are in the fat burning zone. But when sugar in blood is high, such as 120, you are in the weight gain zone.
The first factor is sugar. Not calories. If you eat too much stuff that has lots of sugar, you will enter the weight gain zone.
Related to this is insulin. Insulin makes your levels of sugar in blood fall very much, so you enter the zone of being constantly hungry.
So, you need to know which foods could pump insulin into your blood stream, in order to avoid these.
And related to this is another factor: carbs. Not all carbs are created equal. Some carbs increase the insulin levels a lot, such as found in whole wheat bread, whole grain pasta, health cereals, and whole grain crackers. Yes, these carbs actually increase your level of sugar in blood, making you gain weight!
In the opposite side, there are some carbs that will make you lose weight. Sprouted grain bread, rice, spelt, millet, quinoa, sweet potatoes, and pretty much all fruits and vegetables contain carbs that actually will make you burn fat.
There is a myth that tells that to lose fat, you must not eat fat. This is totally wrong. It is impossible to lose fat if you dont eat fat. Instead, you must eat the right fats. There are some kind of fat that will make you store fat, and other kind of fat that will make you burn the bad fat.
Fats that make your body store fat are found in: hydrogenated oils, canola oils, margarine, substitute butters.
Fats that actually will make you burn your bad fat are found on real butter, whole eggs, coconut, olive, avocados and raw nuts.

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