Friday, August 20, 2010

Five Reasons Why You Don't Succeed With Dieting!

It is unfortunate that most people will fail with their attempt at losing weight. With a population that is becoming more and more obese, the weight loss issue is becoming more and more important. So why do you fail at dieting and what can you do to succeed?
1. You lose motivation. Yes when you first start out on a new diet program you are all motivated and ready to lose a heap of weight. But it doesn't take long before that motivation disappears and you slowly find yourself back to your old eating habits.
2. You feel too restricted. Diets restrict the foods that you can eat and they have to right, otherwise you will keep eating the same foods and keep putting on weight. So when one feels restricted for too long, it just seems too hard and so you give in to temptation and eat your favorite food.
3. You hit a plateau - often a person will lose weight for a while and then all of a sudden hit a plateau and find it difficult to lose any more weight. This is usually caused by your metabolism adjusting to your new eating habits and slowing down. Once you find it difficult to lose more weight you might think it is just not worth the effort and give up.
4. Not willing to exercise - changing your diet is one thing, but everyone should also have some exercise in their life. If you aren't willing to do some sort of exercise then you won't be as successful with your weight loss.
5. No determination - losing weight is hard and if you aren't determined to make a change in your life then it just isn't going to happen.
How to succeed
Find ways to keep yourself motivated. One great way is to find a diet partner and you can help to keep each other motivated as you take the journey together.
Not all diets restrict your favorite foods completely. Diets like the Every Other Day Diet will allow you to eat your favorite food within moderation on certain days. By choosing a diet that allows you to eat your favorite foods on some occasions, you don't feel quite as restricted and are more likely to stick with the diet.
A calorie cycling diet mixes up the number of calories you eat each day so that your body doesn't adjust its metabolism to suit your new diet, this way you will continue to lose weight and avoid the plateau. Exercise doesn't need to be something strenuous. Adding just 20 minutes walking each day will really help you lose weight.
Take a long hard look at your life and at your health and make the decision to change your life. Be determined and go out and make the lifestyle change that you so badly need.

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