Thursday, August 26, 2010

How to exercise when diets

When dieting to lose weight exercise different techniques should be used to help weight loss. The more aerobic the exercise the better. Training to gain muscle is not the best answer. With any exercise plan weight loss will certainly help. Some programs can help in the type of weight loss plan you follow.If you are only out to lose a few pounds then a well rounded workout plan is best. Make sure to mix up cardio with strength training. This will help you retain your lean muscle. It will also help you burn small amounts of fat. Your metabolism will be increased as well.
If you need to lose a moderate amount of weight then its best to focus more on cardio. At least 30 minutes of cardio 4 times a week is a good way to go. This will help you burn the optimal amount of fat. This will also help you raise your metabolism. I would stay away from strength training until you only have a few pounds left to lose.
If you are seriously obese then it is important to start slow. First make sure you diet is under control and you are losing a few pounds. Then start cardio exercise for 15 minutes 3 or 4 times a week. After this becomes comfortable, increase to 20 minutes 4 times a week.
Keep on increasing the amount of cardio you do until you hit 30 minutes. When you are comfortable with this 4 times a week, increase the amount of cardio you do. Try two sessions of 30 minutes a day 4 times a week. This should help you burn more weight in no time.
The important thing when your obese is to ramp up slowly. You don't want to push to far to fast and hurt yourself. One step at a time will keep you on the road to success. This will also help your metabolism slowly increase over the next few weeks.
With any weight loss program it is always important to do some kind of physical exercise. This will help you burn more fat quicker. Make sure to take it slow at first. If you injure yourself your gonna end up slowing your weight loss even more.
There are many great diet and exercise plans out there. It may help to choose one that fits you and stick with it. Stay on the weight loss path and exercise your way to a slimmer you.

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