Sunday, August 29, 2010

Simple tips to make you eat less

There's a powerful truth about one of our human weaknesses, the more food that's put in front of us, the more we will eat. Even for those of us that are weight conscious or those who just feel better when we eat less, this is generally true.
The problem is we are eating more than ever before, some say over 60% of us are overweight or obese. And we all know by now that being overweight increases are risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, joint problems and some types of cancer. Our childhood cautionary advice to clean our plate, the inclinations to get what you pay for, the time lapse between eating and feeling full are some factors that make most of us eat whatever food is placed in front of us.
portion sizes have increased over the year, some examples are typical bag of popcorn movie was once now 5-6 cups of popcorn bucket size can be up to 20 cups with well over 1500 calories and some restaurants are double entry of what use to be. Even our plates and bowls are larger than standard home also makes us more food to meet them. So, what you eat? Guidelines suggest eating a set number of doses of vegetables, meat and other food groups, but are used as defined in ounces, cups or spoons are not the same thing as part of which is the actual number was, and can be once at a restaurant or at home.
We must develop awareness party. The problem with the dietary guidelines is that measurements in cups, ounces and tablespoons are so easy to eyeball. To help us better understand our consciousness, measure the part you normally take to measure a standard portion of what your diet and make a comparison. Now, it’s important to know if your usual portion of pasta is actually two servings, you can not necessarily need to cut during the meal, but remember that you ate almost one day share in pulp and simply adjust the rest of the daily intake. Knowing restaurant smarts.. I think we can accept that some inflation in restaurants is out of control, and today we tend to eat more. To resort restaurant menus super few things to know.
Before going out to eat, have a snack at home, like a yogurt, or some fruit, so you won't arrive at the restaurant ravenous. Many of us will skip the appetizer to cut down on the size of our meal, which is a mistake as along as you have the right appetizer, like salad or soup but skip the bread basket. An example is starting your lunch with a low calorie salad cuts your total caloric intake of the meal by as much as 10%. If available, order half size portions or share a full size with your companion. In most cases this will be enough, considering you added a salad or side order of vegetables. Eat only half of your meal and have the waiter wrap up the rest, but don't rely on your willpower alone, when your meal arrives, first thing to do is to divide your meal in half and have the waiter wrap up the rest.
Eating at a leisurely pace will give your body more time to catch up with your appetite and stop before your full. If your tempted to eat the rest off your plate or go back for seconds, wait 20 minutes before deciding, this is usually how long it takes to feel satisfied.
And at home use smaller dinnerware, we are all conditioned to think a meal sized portion fills the plate and one way to help you through that is to change your table to 10 ounce glasses instead of 20, or a 10 inch plate instead of a 12 inch, also bowls that hold 2 cups instead of 4. Doing these little things will make your way to losing weight a lot easier.


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