Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How to lower cholesterol naturally?

To lower cholesterol naturally can be done by changing eating habits, changing lifestyles and devote time to exercise or physical activity. All these elements can be achieved without dependence on drugs prescribed by doctors. All you need is determination after setting your goal and time to see the results.

You must be selective for food to take with the intention to lower cholesterol naturally. There are foods to avoid, and there are those that must be taken. The following should be avoided, especially red meat or ground meat, egg yolk, fried foods, fast food and restaurant food.

If you prefer to eat meat, choose lean meat or poultry. Or, instead of meat, it is best to eat fish such as sardines, salmon, mackerel and tuna, because it is rich in omega 3. It is a replacement for fish and flaxseed may also provide us with omega 3 fatty acids.

Although the eggs can be healthy foods, excessive consumption of yolk is bad for your health. Limit the consumption of egg yolk a day.

Fried foods, fast foods and restaurants are bad for health because of too much salt and seasoning that can increase cholesterol. It is better to go for the food cooked at home, because you can control the salt mixture with cooked foods.

Saturated fats and Trans fats should be avoided because they can develop high levels of cholesterol in the body. Foods that contain saturated fats and Tran are dairy products, red meat, butter, cheese, milk, ice cream and yogurt.

Oats are considered the best cholesterol fighter. This is rich in fiber such as fruits and vegetables can reduce cholesterol at all times. The fibers are the liaison function of cholesterol in the colon and before it is absorbed into the bloodstream, remove it from the body. Another natural way to lower cholesterol is to change lifestyles. If we had been addicted to alcohol, cigarettes or illegal drugs, and positive adjustment can be made by reducing these things, because it provides only negative effects on our health and our heart. Although the cessation of these defects can not be done abruptly, the time with patience and determination to stop these things are necessary.

Regular exercise or physical activity is necessary for the stretching of muscles and blood flow and oxygen to the heart and brain. You can also prevent clogging of the arteries and helps in the functioning of the circulatory system not only, but the central nervous system, digestive and respiratory systems. If it had not been used for a year, then you can start with the simplest is to walk or ride. And if used to it then you can proceed with the other exercises like jogging aerobics, swimming or other sports activities.

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