Sunday, August 15, 2010

Best Abs Workout - This workout of 10 minutes a day has benefits beyond six pack abs

About 96 percent of people who dream of a six pack abs crunch only tried as a weapon to achieve the desired body. This exercise not only reduces your stomach muscles, but also strengthens your abdominal muscles, making it more stringent; increase your endurance and flexibility.

What you need to exercise?
For this you need a Swiss ball training also called exercise ball.

How do the training?
Before this exercise, make sure your body is warm. Warm up before training.

1. Lie on your back, arms and legs straight on the spot

2. Keep Swiss ball with your legs, preferably the leg - only with the sides of your shoes.

3. Raise your legs to prevent the ball until it is straight and your feet facing the sky. At the same time raise the head and shoulder, not the entire back. These contract your abs and lower abdominal region. Stretch your hand until you can touch the ball with your fingers.

4. Now, slowly return to its original position by calculating the legs, but do not go down completely. Have a gap of 10-12 inch from the ground. Stay at this position for a while before you go down completely.

5. This concludes rep#1. Now repeat the steps and while you redo it, make sure that your head and shoulder remains at the upper position

6. You should perform 8-10 reps of 3 sets.

Initially, it is possible that this practice intimidating, but he always does, he wants to do this exercise only, as this gives maximum efficiency to your building company ABS.

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