Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Weight Loss by Walking? How Walking Can Be Underestimated

Do you want to know which method is good for walking to reduce fat?
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...Until I Got The Habit of Walking
A recent study made by the American College of Sports Medicine showed more people who sat a lot their whole life died than those people who spent at least 30 minutes walking. This is due to walking reduces inflammation of the arteries which can lead to heart related problems.
This study woke me up and I started to enjoy walking, especially when there are great views to see and a lot of fresh air to inhale.
Depending on Walking for Weight Loss is Quite Wrong as Well
When you want to lose weight, no matter how small or large the amount is, you will still have to rely on intense workout routines and cardio sessions to bring down your body fat that would reveal your muscle definition or that sexy abs.
But adding walking to your daily routine like walking to the gym, and any short distance chores would help a lot than just driving or commuting. Not only would you reduce the carbon emissions from vehicles, you reduce your chances also of having some chronic diseases.
The walking habit is not only a great investment to lose weight but would also lessen the chances of dying early or chronically. You don't have to force yourself to walk, small chores you think you can do walking is a great start.
Combined with intense workout, cardio and diet, you can lose weight through walking as well. Less inflammation of the joints and arteries can be avoided through walking, based on many other studies. This helps you be better in your time at the gym, making you achieve your weight loss goals faster.

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