Saturday, August 21, 2010

How to Lose Weight in One Month - Bee Pollen For Weight Loss

If you are looking at how to lose weight in one month, did you know bee's can help? If you haven't heard of the benefits of bee pollen, not only for fast weight loss but for a whole host of health benefits, than get ready to learn! The pollen is collected by bees in flowers, mixed with nectar then taken to the hive to use as food for the bees. The little pollen granules are collected for human use at the entrance to the hive where special devices are placed to collect the pollen as bees pass into the hive
This incredibly nutrient rich bee product contains all the nutrients needed by humans. It is the only substance known to provide 100% complete nutrition. All the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, and other nutrients are packed into bee pollen. It contains more protein than beef, chicken, or other meats by weight. This amazing food will help you burn fat fast!
The pollen even contains natural antibiotics to help you ward of illnesses that slow you down and interfere with your weight loss program. Bee pollen has been used as far back as the ancient Greeks. Over 2,000 years ago Olympic athletes were using bee pollen to increase their energy, endurance, and strength. Athletes and busy executives use bee pollen to promote sustained energy and mental functioning.
It actually boosts your metabolism and not only provides power and muscle, but increases the rate you burn up the calories. It also is a natural energizer, it won't lead to a crash a few hours later, it actually assists the body in increasing the amount of sustainable energy you have. Bee pollen works at the cellular level to increase metabolism. Imagine feeling empowered, lively, and read to face the world.
When compared to other weight loss foods being promoted like goji berries and acai berries, this is the only substance that contains complete nutrition. It is high in the B vitamin complex to give you even more energy. Bee pollen is also rich in protein and lecithin to increase your metabolism rate. You will feel like exercising, getting out and taking a vigorous walk, heading to the gym for a workout.
This nutrient has many health benefits, from boosting the immune system to combating the discomforts of PMS or enhancing libido all help restore a vibrant body which helps you on the path to fast weight loss and well-being!
If you have bee allergies or hay fever you may want to skip the bee pollen!

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