Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Eating Foods to Burn Belly Fat

If you want to burn belly fat with foods, read it. Here we have discussed the right way to burn belly fat
Food and Calorie Burning
Food that we consume would require a certain amount of calories to digest, making all foods burn calories. How much though, that is a different topic. People gain weight because the amount of food they take in is much, much more than they burn through digesting and physical activity.
Fat is stored because of too much calories taken in which are stored now by the body as a reserve in case of its scarcity.
The Negative Calorie Food Concept
This concept came from the calories required to digest such food is greater than the calories in itself. Some say if you want to lose weight you can eat such foods combined with exercise. Some examples are:
- Celery
- Cauliflower
- Asparagus
- Broccoli
- Apple
- Strawberry
- Watermelon
Due to their high fiber and water content, it would take more than the usual amount of calories to digest them.
Want to Burn Belly Fat Faster? Create A Calorie Deficit in Your Diet
I am not totally convinced that we should depend on such negative calorie foods to burn more fat. Fat is burned through a calorie deficit eating pattern, which means our body does not always need constant food intake, especially if we want it to use our fat reserves as energy.
Loving Fruits to Burn Fat
Fruit in itself has many advantages and is one of our greatest gifts. Not only is it abundant, it is also a perfect tool to burn fat because;
- We feel a lot fuller due to its water content
- Its sugars are natural sugars so we don't have to worry about taking in too much
- Readily available as energy, making it less stored by the body (except if you eat too much of course)
- make us less sick because of it being naturally abundant of vitamins, thus making us available to exercise more than people who are sick most of the time.
- And many more.
We do not need to rely on food to burn belly fat because of some implications on our thinking. We tend to overfeed at times because we might think it will not make us guilty like carbohydrates or fat.
A good combination of calorie deficit, fruits and vegetables and intense exercise habits is still the way to burn belly fat.

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