Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fastest way to burn fat - How to reduce your exercise

People are always looking for the best way to burn fat and are willing to try different methods to accomplish this. Of course, you can lose weight at high speed through the program of strict fasting, but most is water loss not fat. If getting rid of the excess fat is your aim, don’t rely on any promise of “instant result” or “quick fix” because most of them will merely make you lose weight and regain it again. Instead of looking for “quick fix”, focus on something that will bring real result: proper diet and exercise.

Diet aside, people always complain about how they do not have time to exercise. Well, we live in a busy world, especially if you are married, with children and work to ensure, so here a couple of things you can do to reduce your exercise time without Reducing Its Effectiveness:

1. Cardio workout is the fastest way to burn fat, but no benefit significantly if the heart to slow a slow jogs or even walking. The true heart, which can burn fat fast is interval training, cardio type, which requires a high intensity and low intensity training.
Example: If you’re jogging, try to turn and sprint at a steady pace to a jog. If you’re biking, select the area where you can drive uphill or downhill is a high-intensity uphill and downhill mountain biking is mild.
You will notice that you can not do that for long periods of time because it is too hard, but you gain much more than slow cardio workout benefits.

2. Keep the formation of a specific part of your body is a bad idea and what kind of exercise does not burn fat fast. This means that instead of continuing to train the abs, you must train your entire body. Usually, people make this mistake because they are eager to get rid of your belly fat. The right thing to do is pick different exercises that are part of your body like squats, pushups, leg lifts, lines, etc.

3. Do not lose all your warm weather on a treadmill. Instead, use of body weight circuit exercises with fewer repetitions. Some good examples are push ups, squats and planks.

4. Choose two exercises that train different muscle groups as a step-ups and stick pesos-ups, then do eight repetitions of each exercise without resting. After that, rest for 30 seconds and repeat the whole “superset” two more times. By selecting two different exercises, a group of muscles can rest while the other works.

The fastest way to burn fat is to use some fancy gadgets or pills, but to have a meal plan, consisting of nutrient dense foods and to implement the time to burn fat exercises regularly. You can dramatically reduce training time with the application of the four tricks that I mentioned above, so you can spend less time for you to use and spend the rest of something else

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