Sunday, August 29, 2010

Chubby belly - three magical means to lose belly fat

So you’re angry because you have a pudgy stomach? Of course, there is reason to be angry as a fat belly girl will not let us have our favorite clothes ... very depressing! And the kids have to suck in your stomach when a pretty girl passes. Whatever diet plan you follow, whatever the exercise you do, still there, right? Yes, yes, but if you say the magic are actually three ways to lose belly fat? Surprised? Well, let’s take a look at them:

1) Eating Omega-3 and omega-6 foods:
Omega-3 food items are nothing more than naturally occurring food items such as coconut milk, avocados, eggs, olive oil, fish etc. These foods contain omega-3 fatty acids that reduce the harmful LDL cholesterol. It increases levels of "good" cholesterol in your blood. cholesterol in the blood. Eat cold water fish like salmon, tuna and sardines help reduce cardiovascular (heart) disease. These foods contain omega-6 fatty beneficial. These healthy fats also increase the metabolism of fat fire to burn belly fat. The best way to get rid of your chubby belly is to include these foods in your regular meals. For example, you can use slices of avocado to your sandwiches, burgers, etc. You can also create a combination of foods such as fish curry in the preparation of fish and coconut milk. So remember, your diet is 80% responsible for your chubby belly.

2) Resistance Weight- Training Exercises:
One thing that you must remember if you wish to do away with a fat tummy; you should perform whole body exercises. Another crucial thing to note is that doing old fashioned abs exercises such as situps and crunches will barely help in flattening your chubby tummy. However, new age Resistance Weight Training Exercise methods offer high resistance thus, boosting the process of losing stubborn tummy fat. Some examples of these exercise methods are Squats, Deadlifts, Lunges, Step-ups, Clean & presses etc.
If you perform the above exercises with high intensity then your chubby tummy problem will be solved forever!
3) Perform thorough Research:
It is very essential to do thorough research before buying any new weight loss product available in the market. It is not easy to get rid of your fat tummy. Chubby tummy is a very stubborn problem. At times, you lose patience and buy any weight loss products that make high claims. You lose more money than fat when you buy these products. When you look for faster ways of getting flat abs, you have to see pros and cons of these ways. You must remember that "patience is virtue" and performing thorough research will give you great results in much less time than you waste following the "fad" plans.
You can find a solution to anything in this world. But you should have a good amount of patience. However, when it comes to losing belly fat; you need to combine right diet with right exercise along with thorough research to get the best results.
So, don't wait; start following the above 3 magical ways of losing belly fat. Also, don't forget to take a last look at your chubby tummy!

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