Thursday, August 5, 2010

How to eliminate belly

For those wishing to eliminate their belly, my advice is that they are always active. Being active, you tend to accumulate fat around the ribs half alone, but the whole body. If you can follow the guide below, you will experience throughout the world to eliminate the difference between the prices of your flat stomach.

1. Try to eat foods rich in protein such as beans, eggs, oatmeal, dairy products low in calories and fiber. Protein takes longer to digest, unlike the fat that is stored in ABS. 1.5 x your body weight in grams per day recommended

2. Endeavor set up in processed foods such as rice, hamburger, pasta, etc. Eat plenty of vegetables, fruits and salads.

3. Try to eat lots of nuts and seeds daily. They contain a lot of good fats that fight the bad fat belly and also keep cholesterol levels under control.

4. Drink at least 10 glasses of water a day to eliminate toxins in your body.

5. Strive to make calcium-rich dairy products. Research has shown that calcium-rich dairy products have often helped overweight people lose weight.

6. Pamper yourself with cardiovascular exercise such as aerobics, jogging, walking gently, swimming and cycling.

7. Does the strength building exercises such as push-ups, Pilates, Tae Bo, crunches and squats.

8. Strive to remain stress free.

9. Take breathing through the nose often and exhale through the mouth.

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