Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How to Loose Weight

For many people on the wrong side of chubby, weight loss is not the only way to having a superb body. As surprising as it sounds your posture may actually take off those extra pounds from you. All you need to do is loosen up, to loose weight!

Loosening your muscles and hence your posture not only helps you “how to loose weight” but it eliminates spinal cord problems, improves speed and helps you walk more fluidly.

Spending too much time on the television or on the computer, standing in lines for too long or even sedentary jobs often lead to weight gain: that is a proven fact. What you probably didn’t know is that such a lifestyle gives you a bad posture which adds another superficial 15 ponds to your body.

Here are some of the postures that make you look fatter,

Hip- Sitting
When some people carry their weight too far back while walking it gives the illusion of an excess tummy fat.

Forward Lean
This happens when people lean too much to the front. It adds a lot of extra pounds to the back profile.

This happens when people walk with their shoulders too far back, stomach thrust forward and rear sticking out: one of the common effects of too many high heels. This posture not only enhances your stomach and rear but also ruins your curves.

This is most common among people with desk jobs. A majority of people working all day long with computers or telephones sit with their shoulders hunched. This causes the chest muscle to contract and gives the illusion of a larger tummy.

Loose muscles, Loose Weight

For people with bad postures that is making you look fatter there are some simple exercises that can make you loose nearly 15 pounds. All you need is a wall and 15 minutes a day!

Stand adjacent to a wall with your head, back and shoulders completely touching it.
Tuck your hand between the wall and your back and check the space.
If the space is too much, slowly try closing in on the space.
Practice this posture while walking around.

Another exercise called the shoulder strokes can help loosen your shoulder muscles hence making your tummy look thinner.

Stand up straight and loosen your hands and palms.
With your elbow straight raise your hands and rotate it like a back stroke.
Do this 20 times and repeat with other hand.

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