Monday, August 9, 2010

8 Capital of errors, what I did try desperately to lose weight, which is why they are on the brink of frustration

It was hard for me to follow a diet for more than a couple of weeks because I always fall back into my old habits. I decided to make a list of errors that were common denominators in my weight loss failures. If you are making the same mistakes, you’ll be pleased to know that you can finally break bad habits and lose excess weight.

• Skip breakfast. That is wrong because it is a fact that people who do not eat breakfast normally make unhealthy choices throughout their day. Start your day with a healthy breakfast that motivates you to follow your diet for the rest of your days.

• Binging every two days. It is important that you are constantly a balanced diet. Instead of trying to starve themselves, one day, and eating too many calories the next day, set a target number of calories that you can easily fill.

• Buying only diet food. Just because a label says "diet" or "low calorie", that doesn't give you a pass to overeat it. Instead of eating low calorie food just so you can have more of it, try buying regular food and practicing portion control.

• The thought can never lose weight. If you do not think you can lose weight, you will never achieve your weight loss goals. Do not think of where you are now thinking about where you are when you lose weight.

• Eating salads to main meals only. Instead of trying to trick your body to eat salads for lunch and dinner is balanced and tasty food that keeps you from snacking to feel full.

• Start a new diet on Monday. This will take you into the habit of rapprochement during the weekend, and it makes it harder to buckle down and stick to your diet during the week.

• Being too embarrassed to work in the gym. Do not be embarrassed to go to a gym. Although you may feel that everyone is criticizing you because of your weight, the truth is that most people are really trying to focus on individual weight loss goals.

• Setting your goals too high. Establish long-term but smaller targets to help you achieve your main goal. This prevents you feel discouraged.

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