Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How to Lose Belly Fat Few practices

Now you would have heard about to lose fat everywhere and anywhere. You often hear because you are looking for an answer to lose belly fat so crucial that you want. So how can you lose lower abdominal fat? Here, I’ll give you some real advice and proven research based on how you can get your fat belly flattened. Do it in a month and see your tummy.

Forget three heavy meals a day. You need a balanced diet. I want cover grains, fruits and vegetables each day for a month. You can write your meat once every two or three days. If you are serious about seeing results, do it in three days. This balance of the diet increase metabolic rate rapidly.

The next thing is to consume more of good fat. Remember, not all fat is bad. Example of good fat is olive oil. Use olive oil if needed, food, and reduce or eliminate the frying oil regularly. Always try to bake instead of frying. Look, what you are doing is only for a month. If you need meat and dairy products, it is ok to eat if you want to spend less. Try to change this diet to see results quickly, when all the results is to reduce the belly fat below.

Do some simple but effective exercise. Do any exercise that you like and it is fun for you. As long as when you exercise, what we need here is to get your heart pumping fast. The idea is to increase your metabolism rate and burn more calories. Start to go for slow jog, biking, walk and push-ups and squats. Just do it three days in a week. Make it compulsory. Do it for at least 20 to 30 minutes.
Another easy way is, do not eat anything 3 to 4 hours before going to bed. This is because when you plan to sleep or rest at a particular time that you have been practicing; your metabolism rate will decrease. When you metabolism rate decreases, then your body system will never going to burn your fat or calories. If you consume food at this time, all the fats from the food will be stuffed in your belly. Just try not to take any food before sleeping.

If you are interested in rapidly losing its belly, try weight training. You can even burn more calories. Sign up for a fitness program. Here the idea is to tone your muscles. When you start to tone your muscles, you’re actually burning more calories. The question of how to lose belly fat will be a memory.

With good food and the amount and type of exercise, you lose the fat you want. All you need is to reduce calories and increase your activity level to a flat stomach below. Start implementing these ideas now and in a few months, you have to change pants to a size smaller. Good luck!

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