Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lose Inches from Your Belly - The 2 Adjustments I Made to Finally Melt Fat Away Lightning Quick

Here you can know how I melt fat quickly and easily
1. I Made A New Friend - For so long, I could have sworn that food was the enemy. I would restrict carbs, restrict fats, lower the amount of calories I ate SIGNIFICANTLY, and on and on! Then, after failing miserably several times, and then coming across this powerful diet program, I quickly realized that food is not the enemy... it's your friend!
Fad diets want you to believe that there must be some secret formula for getting in shape. So they then come up with some nonsense of low carb, low fat, low calorie, starve-yourself, drink lemonade all day long, and on, and on! The fact of the matter is that the body needs all types of nutrients (including good carbs and fats), and you must get the right amount of calories each day or this will slow your metabolism... greatly!
What the program I went on was based around was getting 4 nutrient dense meals each day with the right amount of calories to keep my metabolism running strong.
2. Fire Up Your Engine! The next step to lose inches from your belly fast is to skyrocket your internal fat burning engine to the maximum peak. This engine is known as your metabolism. The same diet I mentioned above was also based around boosting the metabolism to the highest peak possible. The trick is that this particular program was based around doing so with what the body loves so much... FOOD. So, not only will you get faster results with this type of dieting, it will be incredibly easy given that you are not starving or depriving!
Bottom line, if you want to stop messing around and finally lose that stubborn stomach fat once and for all, then I strongly suggest that you search for a diet that is based on getting 100% proper nutrition and also firing up your metabolic rate to the highest peak possible... naturally. These 2 adjustments enabled me to drop an amazing 52 pounds, lose 4 inches from my waistline, and flatten my stubborn stomach... in 2 months... easily & permanently!

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